2013 Garden Market

The Garden Market on 3rd November 2013 was a great success as always. Despite the early poor weather, the crowds were good and the club coffers boosted by over $3000. There’s a full report in January’s MULCH, attached above. A few photos show just what a good time was had by both stall holders and attendees. Thanks to Judy Uren for all her hard work!
Lynne Kelly

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2 Responses to 2013 Garden Market

  1. castlemainegardenclub says:

    Copied from Bursary comments:

    Hi guys
    For years you always had your market on the second week of the festival of gardens but the last couple of years it has been cup weekend.
    Many people entertain at home cup weekend so miss out on your great sale. Personally I always spend over $100 on plants and my friends spend up as well.
    So guys , how about making it the last Sunday of the festival of gardens so we can enjoy your hospitality. Many other people at the information centre in Castlemaine expressed the same sentiments
    Gisborne Gardener

  2. castlemainegardenclub says:

    Hi Gisborne Gardener,

    Thank you so much for your feedback and using the new website! I have been asked by the President, Peggy, to reply that she appreciates the comment and will raise the issue at the next committee meeting.

    Thank you!


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