June meeting – a very interesting night

It was cold outside but the atmosphere in the Wesley Hill Hall was very warm for our meeting on Tuesday 24 June. Our guest speaker was Sociana Murray from The Green Folly nursery.


Sociana described her unconventional approach to gardening which involved a lot of mulch, ample nutrients added to the clay soil but otherwise taking a very casual approach to what’s planted where and when. She also talked about the plants which are flowering unseasonably for winter and invited the audience to add further data from their own gardens. At Green Folly, Sociana tries to specialise in plants which will grow well in Castlemaine and tolerate the frosts. As a gardener, she aims to enjoy gardening rather than have a wonderfully showy garden that takes a lot of work.

Sociana brought a large range of plants to describe which members enjoyed examining close up. The talk was greatly enjoyed by all members.

We were also treated to a brief talk by member, Juliana Hart (below right), about worms which turned out to be a complex and fascinating topic.  She completed the talk with a quote from Aristotle: “worms are the intestine is of the soil.”


As usual, there was a raffle, this month a Peace Lily shown above with President, Peggy Munro. Sue Dimozantos monitored the trading table which was still well stocked despite the season, although most had been bought before I took the photo.


Next meeting is the AGM, which will include the usual hot soup, fresh breads and sweets. All welcome on Tuesday 22 July.

Lynne Kelly

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