August meeting – Garden Art and Sculpture

In Marion Cooke’s absence due to illness, Judy Hopley, Marion Tester and Peggy Munro spoke to Marion’s presentation “Garden Art and Sculpture”.  This presentation was originally given by Marion at the 30th Birthday Seminar and covered various gardens and businesses in the area where forms of garden art are on display or being produced.  Judy spoke about the sculpture attached to a shed wall and various bird baths made by club member Sue Dimozantos for the Hopley’s garden.


Maxine described various pieces of artwork in her garden including things she had painted or created herself, such as the toadstool.  She explained that there is only one toadstool, copied by Marion three times in her photograph!


Peggy also spoke about the various artworks in her garden including this tree sculpture carved into a dead tree.


Thanks to Marion for allowing her presentation to be shown again at the August general meeting.

Judy Hopley brought along a pot containing the rare and endangered plant Ballantinia antipoda (Southern Shepherd’s purse).  The plant is in flower and has been grown from seed collected from Mount Alexander where the last of this plant is to be found on the moss beds.


Read more about this plant on Tim Entwisle’s Talking Plants blog:

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