Lynne Kelly’s talk on spiders

Lynne Kelly gave a fascinating presentation on spiders at the April garden club meeting.


Using wonderful photos from her book, many taken by her husband and fellow garden club member, Damian, Lynne spoke about the many varieties of spiders local to the Castlemaine area.  In order to overcome her fear of spiders, arachnophobia, Lynne began studying them.  Initially concentrating on tiny spiders, she learnt to admire all spiders, including the large, hairy and venomous.  Their ability to build complex web structures, to make burrows, complete with leaf shelter if it rains, and, in the case of jumping spiders, to work out problems, is amazing.  She assured the large audience that spiders are timid and will back away from humans.  The number of people to die of spider bites is so small that even the much feared redback spider has been removed from the ‘dangerous’ list.  Bites can be painful but rarely cause major problems, except perhaps for children and the elderly.

Lynne’s knowledge of spiders and her love for them was evident in her informative and often humorous talk.  Members of the audience asked many questions and it is possible that those who fear spiders may look at them in a different light now!




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