Bus trip to Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

It had been a very frosty night prior to our early morning trip for Cranbourne.  There were 16 people with their hats, scarves, coats & gloves setting off for our adventure on our 22 seater bus.

Of course it was not far down the road when we needed a coffee and toilet stop at the Calder Highway station. Re-fueling with a lovely warm coffee, followed by Sue Spacey’s famous ginger and date cake!  Poor Sue- she & Mike weren’t even able to make the trip – but she was so kind to provide for all of us.  Thanks Sue!

The weather was magnificent! Warm, Sunny & no wind.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Some of us had already been to the gardens, but there were a few who had not.  It didn’t matter either way because it is one of those places which never ceases to amaze you.



A totally native garden with a central desert area.  The landscaping and garden architecture is stunning. There were mass plantings of native plants, some forming hedges and others just showing the magnificence of group planting.


A lovely lunch at the cafe and then the trip home was wonderful.  A great turn out and a lovely day was had by all!

Sally Leversha         Photos: Jenny Nuske


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