Talk on roses

Ken Rae from Spring Park Nursery in Eganstown gave a talk on roses at the club’s August meeting.  Members were interested to learn that Ken recommends feeding roses by spraying or dousing the foliage with a liquid fertiliser such as Seasol.  This type of feeding allows the plant to use the nutrients efficiently.

Ken Rae (2)

Ken also spoke about the use of seaweed-based sprays and frost protection sprays that are useful for protecting frost tender plants.  The first helps plants develop an internal resistance to frost whilst the latter creates a protective polymer film over leaves and stems.

Ken brought along several varieties of bare rooted roses and distributed to those present the nursery’s 2017 rose catalogue.  More information is available at the webpage:  Visitors are welcome to visit the nursery at 3734 Midland Highway, Eganstown to see the large variety of roses available and to get advice about rose growing.









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