Local wildflowers

At the September meeting Judy and Philip Hopley talked about their experiences searching for wildflowers in the Castlemaine area over the past few years.  Their presentation included photographs of rare, uncommon and common wildflowers and where they are most likely to be found.  The presentation is available by clicking the link below.

Wildflower presentation

A wonderful resource for those wishing to see and identify wildflowers in the area is Castlemaine Flora.   https://www.castlemaineflora.org.au/

“This website is based on the plant identification and reference guide produced by the late Ern Perkins, a founding and very active member of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club (CFNC). Ern Perkins studied and photographed the flowering plants of the Castlemaine District, covering the Mt Alexander Shire, plus Porcupine Ridge and Fryers Ridge”.  (From the introduction on the website).

On the day after the presentation several garden club members joined Castlemaine Field Naturalists for their weekly spring wildflower walk.  The walk was in the Muckleford Forest off the Red, White and Blue Mine track.  Twenty one species of wildflowers were observed flowering in and around the enclosures erected by the Newstead Landcare Group in 2000 to protect the rare sticky boronia plant.  Many of these plants were flowering as well as the cypress daisy bush, downy grevillea, marianth, early nancies, fairy wax, yam daisies and wax lip, leopard, caladenia and nodding greenhood orchids.

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