Talk by Barbara Maund and Denise Jepson

Barbara Maund, a life member of the Castlemaine and District Garden Club, and       Denise Jepson were the presenters at the October general meeting.  The topic was their recently published book The pleasures of dry climate gardening: one woman’s project.

Barbara outlined the beginnings of her project and the various stages of preparing and planting the various garden sections whilst Denise provided additional comments as photographs from the book were displayed.



The garden plan

Barbara spoke about the vision she had for her garden and emphasised that the construction and plantings were all done on a low budget and with the dry, cold climate of Castlemaine always in the forefront of her thinking.  Hardy and frost tolerant plants requiring little watering were planted in the various sections of the garden with many areas showcasing plants of a particular colour and/or texture.

The book is beautifully illustrated with many photographs taken by Mary Thompson showing the garden in various stages of construction and in various seasons of the year.

Garden club members expressed their thanks to Barbara and Denise and many wished they had been able to consult this marvellous resource before embarking on their own gardens!

The first printing of the book quickly sold out and a second printing is underway and will be available in mid-December.



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