Member’s night

Member’s Night: Tuesday 27 August 2019

Three club members spoke about various aspects of their gardens: Sue Grimes talked about the long term planning and development of her garden; John MacIntyre spoke about the difficulties and rewards of establishing a new garden and Alan Isaacs talked about how he has developed an irrigation system for his garden.

Alan Isaacs

Alan gave an illustrated talk on irrigation systems with a focus on his and Pam’s acre-and-a-half property in Elphinstone.

It also covered the reasons why you might set up an automated or semi-automated watering system, and a quick overview of the types of irrigation delivery.

Alan showed where you can find detailed information online, for example details of Pope products (search for Pope DIY Guide: Drip Irrigation Made Simple).


John MacIntyre

Gardening Challenge in Faraday

The location had previously been a sheep paddock. When we moved in there was minimal vegetation apart from some stunning old trees dotted around 10 acres. The water supply is tank only so the focus was on plants that are well adapted to the local environment. The most successful have been grevilleas, westringia, eremophlila, correas, red & yellow box, lavender, salvia, photinia and roses. Failures include Japanese maple, banksia and grapes (which is a puzzle since there are thriving grape fields all across the area).  The two pictures are an example of before and after.


Sue Grimes

Sue’s talk was about preparing her garden for the Festival of Gardens 2018. She spoke about the need to take photos the November before the FOG, you need to do this as photos are required in the March of the year of the FOG and your garden definitely looks different at that time of the year. Her experience of opening was great and she would recommend it to everyone.

Sue lives on 5 acres in Wattle Flat on town water on a hill with views to Mt Franklin and Mt Alexander, the soil is very minimal with rock everywhere.

Her garden was designed by Kevin Walsh in 1991 and completed in 2017.  The design was on paper and Sue followed the design over the years adding plants that she wanted to with some feature plants recommended by Kevin. Some lawn has been replaced with stones and a lot of rusty metal art work has been added for interest.

Sue Grimes 1

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