RHSV Hanging Basket competition


Dear members and fellow gardeners,

Please find below a message from the RHSV about this year’s Hanging Basket competition.  Maxine Tester, David Averay and others have worked hard on our entry and now it is time to show our appreciation by voting!  Our entry is on page 8 of the survey “Most Innovative Baskets” and features a frog.  A couple of photos are also attached to this message so that you can easily identify our basket when you vote.

Follow the instructions given in the RHSV message and remember that although you can only vote once, other family members and friends are also eligible to vote.  Hoping you will vote via the survey and that our club will not only win the most innovative basket but perhaps the best basket overall!!  Thanks and over to you …


Welcome to the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria’s – Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition 2020

Due to COVID-19 the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2020 was cancelled, and our Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition could not be displayed.  We had nearly 550 hanging basket entries which would have been a great tribute to the 25th Anniversary of the event.

The Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition has now gone online in a truncated form and it is up to you to choose your favourite baskets from the basket survey.

Follow the link  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2LFH26M to get there.

Just a little hint for any who find the hanging basket entries too small to view.
If using a computer to peruse, go to the top tool bar, select View then select Zoom In.
Zoom in as many times as required.
If you use a tablet device or mobile phone, just spread your fingers over the pictures to enlarge.
Enjoy these amazing entries in the size that you prefer.

You are now the judge!

Anyone can vote. You do not need to be a member of the RHSV or of an Affiliated Society. We welcome you all to get away from Covid-19 for a short while and become a real Basket Case! Forward it on to your friends so they can participate in the spirit of the competition and “Have A Go”.

The Most Popular Basket in each section and other minor sections will be announced in the Winter edition of the RHSV Gardeners’ Gazette, on the RHSV website (www.rhsv.org.au) and the RHSV Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/royalhortsocvic/).

The RHSV especially thanks all its’ sponsors who have continued to work with ‘The Royal’ during these unprecedented times.

If you have any questions about the RHSV or the Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition, please contact the RHSV Secretary via email (plantzia@bigpond.com).

Good luck, keep safe, keep gardening and thank you for being part of the Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition 2020!


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