Castlemaine and District Garden Club:

Secretary: Alan Isaacs

MULCH editor:  John Barnier

Web Coordinator:  Judy Hopley

Membership:  Alan Isaacs

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4 Responses to Contacts

  1. G’day, Simon Rickard here. Could you pass a message on to Peggy for me, please? I wanted to thank her for coming to my talk tonight at the Castlemaine Library, and for asking a question about Miners’ Lettuce. Just as I was about to have a chat to her, another person buttonholed me, and Peggy got away before I had a chance to say hello. So, hello Peggy, and thanks for coming tonight. All the best,


  2. Patricia Fuller says:

    I my name is Patricia Fuller. We have jrecently bought a 3 acre property in Castlemaine and will be moving in grDually between now and Christmas. although a v keen gardener I have vvlimited knowledge about roses of which there are v many varieties here. Please could I link up with someone who might be able to come and see. Nd offer advice on varieties and best management. An email to this address will reach me. Many thanks

  3. Hello Patricia
    A response to your email has been sent via the Garden Club email account.

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