A beautiful evening for a picnic!

A large group of members, together with potential new members, enjoyed a picnic on a balmy January evening in the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens to kick off the club’s 2018 program.

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Garden Club breakup

Members had an enjoyable end-of-year breakup at Tread Cafe, Harcourt.  Sue Spacey did an outstanding job organising the event and ensuring that the festive spirit was to the fore with Christmas decorations and bonbons.

President, Marion Cooke, thanked retiring President, Sally Leversha, Vice President, Judy Eastwood (in absentia) and Secretary, Janine Young for their service to the club and presented them with gifts.

20171128_195327 (2)

Janine and Sally


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Another wonderful Garden Market!

The 2017 Garden Market was held on Sunday 5 November.  Twenty-seven stall holders were well pleased with the numbers of people visiting and buying the large array of plants and garden related items.


20171106_095518The delighted winner of the giant raffle was Wendy Forest from Malmsbury.

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Re-potting orchids

On Saturday 28 October, a handful of garden club members attended an expert demonstration on re-potting orchids.  Gary Sobey from ASQ Skydancers re-potted an orchid brought along by a member.  This orchid was in bad shape with many dead and decaying roots and at risk of dying because it wasn’t potted in a good quality mix.  After trimming the roots, Gary re-potted the orchid into a smaller pot using orchid potting mix mixed with small gravel.


orchid 1

A much happier orchid that should flower in 2 to 3 years!

Gary then divided and re-potted one of his own beautiful orchids creating several new plants in the process.

Orchid repotting

Gary hard at work!

Orchids should be kept well watered and fed every two weeks through the growing season (October to April).  They should be protected from frost and cold wind but not kept indoors all year.

Thanks to Gary for his expert advice and to Sue Spacey for organising this talk and demonstration.


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Cutting gardens

At the October meeting Tricia Mooney gave an interesting talk on her cutting garden at Yandoit.  She provided tips for creating such a garden together with a list of the type of flowering and foliage plants she has used and experimented with.

When creating a cutting garden Tricia advised that it is useful to stagger sowing and planting in order to provide for a continuous harvest.  Plants should be close together, beds narrow and accessible, with stakes used to keep flowers upright.  Tricia has been resourceful in laying out her cutting garden, using discarded carpet for weed suppression and only mulching sparingly.  This part of the garden is not required to look well-manicured but rather serves the practical purpose of providing cut flowers and foliage.

Tricia has trialled various types of plants for her cutting garden, including vegetables and the feathery tops of asparagus.  At the present time she is trialling cotton but acknowledges that this plant may be too water dependent for the dry area where she lives!

Tricias cutting garden

A beautiful arrangement from Tricia’s cutting garden



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Open Gardens of the HEDGE

“I’ve got better weeds than in any garden I’ve seen over the last couple of days”!!  Peggy.

Visit wonderful local gardens containing some unique plants and perhaps a few weeds during the Open Gardens of the HEDGE (Horticultural Endeavours Demonstrating Gardening Enthusiasm).

4 – 12 November 2017.

Details available at http://www.thehedge.net


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Posies for Senior’s Week

Thanks to Garden Club members who made beautiful posies and delivered them to folk in Castlemaine Health residential care to celebrate Senior’s Week.

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